About us / Impressum

About us / Impressum

This website is created by Agroturismo Na Set Centes

Agroturismo Na Set Centes is situated on the road from Artà to Canyamel (road MA-4042), 2 Km and 700 from Artà. Tel. 00.34.617.88.14.21


Postal address: C / Son Servera 43,07570 Artà, Mallorca, Spain

What is the purpose of creating www.Mallorca-Agroturismos.com?

Our intention is to make available the needed basic information about agroturismos and small hotels  to all those  interested in visiting an agroturismo, a rural hotel or a small hotel situated in a Mallorcan village In other words providing the name of the agroturismo or  small hotel, its location and its website.


In spite of the huge number of websites providing information about agroturismos, fincas, rural hotels and interior hotels (small hotels situated in a village) we feel that there is room for a website which facilitates the direct contact of visitors and agroturismos &  small hotels in Mallorca.  The reason is that it is not always easy to obtain simple, direct information about and contact with this kind of agroturismos and small hotels. Some websites provide information about them, but mixed with other kind of hotels and services. Other websites are good but not updated. Finally, others provided very useful information but they disappeared (stopped working) or were bought by other companies which are now offering real estate services, travel agency services, etc., but not direct links to small hotels.

On the agroturismos and small hotels side, every platform that helps us to be better known is useful.

Commercially speaking,  helping other small hotels to be better know, cannot be counterproductive for Na Set Centes?

We do not think so. Agroturismos and small hotels are so varied  that there is a place for every taste and guest.  The main point is to have access to the information provided  by  each agroturismo and small hotel on their website  in order that the future visitor can decide for himself / herself where to reserve. And as we help others we feel we also help ourselves to be better known.


Na Set Centes will not be responsible for any wrong information provided for the website of  the agroturismos and hotels published on www.mallorca-agroturismos.com  We simply publish the name of the small hotel and its website. All further information stems from their website. Na Set Centes and www.mallorca-agroturismos.com take no responsibility for the correctness and content of any submitted data.

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